Keep Leading!® Podcast 083 | Say it Skillfully™ | Molly Tschang

Keep Leading!® Podcast 083 | Say it Skillfully™ | Molly Tschang

Molly Tschang
Communications Expert
Say it Skillfully™

Episode Summary
I interviewed Molly Tschang on Keep Leading LIVE!™ We discussed her 90-second video series designed to help leaders learn how to interact in a powerful, open, and honest manner at work.

Keep Leading LIVE!™ (37 Minutes)

Keep Leading LIVE!™

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Molly Tschang inspires and equips her clients with the skills to Win as One.

She is the Founder and CEO of Abella Consulting, a New York-based leadership development and business advisory consultancy. Abella helps senior management build powerful chemistry to lead together and be committed to each other’s success. This elevates individual, team, and organizational performance and accelerates sustained profitable growth. Through Say it Skillfully™, Molly makes it easier for all members of an organization (or community) to say what needs to be said in a constructive, productive manner.

Before launching Abella, Molly held executive leadership positions at Cisco Systems and U.S. Filter, where she led the integration of over 80 acquisitions. She holds a BS in chemical engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from UCLA. In 2017, Molly was selected from among 12,000 applicants to be protégé of Marshall Goldsmith through his 100 Coaches initiative.

In her downtime, she enjoys tennis, yoga, and cooking with family and friends.


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Leadership Quote
“Culture starts at the top, and is sustained by the base.” Molly Tschang
“Love ‘em up” Alan Mulally

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