You all should be jealous that I had the opportunity to be coached by Eddie before anyone else, while he was completing formal credentials; as a mutual courtesy; guaranteed that he can help you unlock new layers of introspection, performance, and value. -Forever thanks Eddie, you are a great man!!!

Zachery A. Kokel, Senior Project Manager at Weir Oil and Gas
Eddie Turner is a rare find in the consulting world. In addition to helping you focus on the things that lead to your goals, he is diligent in supporting those goals. Fortunately for eParamus, Eddie is great at connecting dots and goes beyond the engagement to drive impact in other areas. Without this insight we would not have been able to maximize many of our efforts. Most important, it is a joy to work with Eddie. He has an infectious positive personality that I “borrowed” many times to support the task at hand. He helps me be my best, always follows through, and has my complete trust. I highly recommend Eddie and know you will be glad you got the opportunity to work with him!
Laura Paramoure, President eParamus
Eddie Turner lights up every room he enters. He is one of one of those rare people who brings positive energy wherever he goes, and you feel better just by spending a few minutes with him. I’ve come to know Eddie through our membership in the National Speakers Association. He is a man of high character: honest, accountable, caring, and humble. How many people can you say that about? If you’re considering hiring Eddie as a leadership advisor, facilitator, or speaker, I have just one piece of advice: do it.
Bruce Weinstein, The Ethics Guy® Keynote Speaker on Business Ethics and High Character Leadership
Top Notch! Confidence. Process. Creativity. So many things can describe the value in working with Eddie Turner. I had several coaching sessions with Eddie, and in every one of them I gleaned “pearls of wisdom”, making each session very worthwhile. Truly an invaluable resource for speaking, and presenting in a business and public setting. These are tools that will never expire in personal or business situations. Thank you Eddie!
Candace Axel, Surface HSE Program Manager North America at TechnipFMC
Eddie Turner conducted a dynamic virtual learning presentation at the 2015 ATD Houston Technology Expo. He demonstrated passion and a high degree of expertise on how virtual instructor led can be more impactful than classroom training. He used a great example when his company limited travel, but needed to get a keynote speaker to kick off a virtual conference. Eddie called it the “Big Get.” If you are looking for excellent presenter that has a wonderful style of engaging an audience than Eddie Turner is your man! I certainly would recommend him to kick off or close any conference.
Sonia Scott, Director Learning and Education at AcctTwo

I had the pleasure of attending a session Moderated by Eddie. Of the 3 sessions I attended, Eddie’s was by far the best. He brought the perfect level of energy to the session, encouraging the panelists while highlighting key points for attendees. Thoughtfully, he provided question cards for attendees, recognizing that not everyone is comfortable asking questions in large groups. I would happily work with Eddie, based on my experience yesterday.

Heather Gillbanks, GE Customer Experience Manager
Eddie presented a very informative and engaging presentation on “facilitated collaboration” for our local ACMP Chapter. I really appreciated that he shared very useful information, not just “fluff” and I walked away with new tools I didn’t have before his presentation. I will look for opportunities to bring Eddie back to present to our group and can enthusiastically recommend him for other groups interested in an informative and engaging speaker.
Harold Goodearle, Small Business Owner
Eddie is a expert in utilizing technology for employee engagement and employee development. His willingness to share his methodology and tips on improving collaboration with other learning professions was our first connection. I attended his presentation on “Designing and Delivering Effective Virtual Classes and Virtual Meetings” at the Houston ATD Conference. After that even Eddie facilitated a virtual session of the training for my team at American Express. His level of enthusiasm and pure knowledge on the subject made our Development Day a success. I look forward to opportunities to partner with Eddie in the future.
Ashley Zuelke, SalesForce Consultant

I can hardly find proper words to describe Eddie’s capacity to transmit knowledge and information. His passion and professionalism is contagious He will lead you to main content of any matter in such a wonderful way that you will feel you’re in a conversation with a many year’s friend. On my 16 years career I went thru many trainers, speakers and coaches but Eddie’s skills are definitively far away above the standard. Eddie is the most charismatic and creative, speaker you may find His audience and presentation management skills are just amazing. I can guarantee you can trust on Eddie to convey training and/or coaching of any subject independently of his complexity.

Eduardo Riccieri, Market Development Manager StreamFlo Industries
Eddie led a session in the Innovate track titled, “Designing and Delivering Effective Virtual Classes and Virtual Meetings.” It did not disappoint. Not only did I find the content and approaches Eddie shared innovative, but at the same time, very practical in the way we all could immediately take back new ideas to begin implementing. His high energy approach to presenting was well received by everyone in attendance and I continued to hear people buzzing about his presentation all day long. Through the information that he shared, as well as the real life examples he offered, it became very obvious that Eddie is a natural leader and someone we can all learn with. It is my sincere hope that I have the opportunity to attend more Eddie Turner presentations in the near future.
Ken Conn, Educational/Instructional Technology
If you want customized career coaching for where you are in your career to take you to the next level – look no further than Eddie Turner LLC. Over the past few months Eddie has given me great recommendations on how I can improve in communication and presence. He is flexible in accommodating to your schedule and gives suggestions tailored to your needs. I enjoyed working with Eddie and would highly recommend him to any working professional looking to take their career to the next level.
Tamera Gabriel, Quality Specialist at TechnipFMC
It has been great knowing and working with Eddie in my role as Learning Architect in the College of Leadership. He brings so much knowledge coupled with enthusiasm in all that he does! Great team player as well. I actually knew of Eddie even before joining FMC Technologies. One of my former colleagues noticed through LinkedIn that I was going to join FMC Technologies and mentioned that Eddie had delivered a great presentation on how technology is being used at FMC Technologies. He was highly impressed. To my surprise, I met Eddie a few weeks into my job and we have collaborated on projects. Eddie has been a great resource!
Nuria Castellanos, Learning Architect at TechnipFMC
Eddie’s communication skills have been very helpful as an AdobeConnect meeting facilitator for global video conference meetings involving large groups of people that I hold periodically throughout the year.
Richard C Lalor, FMC Technologies
It is my distinct pleasure to write this recommendation on behalf of Eddie Turner, an exceptional leader whom I had the good fortune to work with this past year at ATD Houston. Eddie possesses strong leadership skills and tremendous drive. His position with ATD Houston was mostly autonomous. His tenacity and enthusiasm were driving factors in the overall success of the Marketing team in 2015. Eddie truly exemplifies our chapter’s mission statement. Eddie’s personal commitment to excellence resulted in greater awareness and exposure for the chapter. In addition, he often covered in other areas, lending his managerial expertise where needed. Eddie is innovative and motivated, and would be a definite asset to any organization.
Debbie Richards, Small Business Owner
Eddie is a valued client of TransPerfect and through coincidence I had the privilege of hearing him speak at my first ATD Conference. Being the last speaker of the day the audience is typically running low on gas, however I was completely brown away by his ability to engage the audience and capture our attention. His presentation was informative and extremely professional while maintaining a sense of casual conversation that we all could relate to. I would certainly look towards Eddie for any future speaking engagements that require a highly precise speaker with a great personality.
John Garcia, Consultant at Lucas Group
Eddie has to be one of the best presenters I have ever seen! He had command of the room, was engaging, funny and very passionate. I’m glad I got the chance to be a part of it and look forward to seeing him present again.
Erik Pettine, Customer Sales Director at SumTotal Systems LLC
I had the marvelous experience of watching Eddie Turner facilitate a webinar concerning Adobe Connect. Obviously very articulate and personable in his demeanor, Eddie took command of the live-streaming stage and brought this training opportunity to life … Mr. Turner is an amazing asset to the learning community and anyone that wants to learn how to be a professional speaker in this genre – via the web and live-streaming. His talent obviously far outweighs what was presented here and I look forward to viewing any of his future presentations on Adobe Connect materials.
Chandra Richardson , Strategist • Trainer • Facilitator